Die Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft und das DIAS (Düsseldorfer Institut für
Aussen- und Sicherheitspolitik) laden Sie herzlich ein zu einer Podiumsdiskussion in englischer Sprache mit den Journalisten und Buchautoren
Roger Boyes, German correspondent „The Times“
Thomas Kielinger OBE, UK correspondent „Die Welt“
am Dienstag, den 13. April 2010 um 19:00 Uhr
im Goethe-Museum, Schloss Jägerhof, Jacobistraße 2, Düsseldorf
zum Thema: „Britain before the elections: views from London and Berlin”
The UK elections are likely to happen on 6th May and these two highly distinguished
journalists will provide a vivid and entertaining description of the current state of affairs.
Im Anschluß an die Veranstaltung bitten wir zu einem Umtrunk
Roger Boyes (born in Hereford, 1952), a British journalist and author, is the Berlin (initially
Bonn) correspondent for THE TIMES (since 1993), covering Germany and northern Europe.
Since 1981 he worked for THE TIMES as correspondent in Warsaw and Rome, prior coming
to Germany. He also has a column in German newspaper DER TAGESSPIEGEL entitled 'My
Berlin'. He is author of the ironic reflections on the German people in his bestsellers “My dear
Krauts” (2006) and “How to be a Kraut” (2007). Roger Boyes studied political science,
Germanistik and Swedish at King’s College, London, and worked for Reuters and the
Financial Times in the 1970s.
Thomas Kielinger (born in Danzig, 1940) has been UK correspondent for the German
national daily DIE WELT since 1998, having previously reported for his paper from
Washington D. C., between 1977 and 1985. In 1985 he became editor-in-chief of the weekly
„Rheinischer Merkur“, and in 1994 started his own business as writer, broadcaster and
political consultant. Earlier in his career he taught German at the University of Wales in
Cardiff. He is author of “Crossroads and Roundabouts“ (1997), a study of the nature of the
Anglo-German relationship and has just published, in German, a country profile of Great
Britain, “Grossbritannien”, part of a series called “Die Deutschen und ihre Nachbarn/The
Germans and their Neighbours” (C. H. Beck Verlag, Munich, 2009). He also appears
regularly on British TV and radio stations, amongst them the BBC24 TV-programme
“Dateline London”. For his contributions in the field of Anglo-German relations he was
awarded, in 1995, an honorary OBE as well as the German Order of Merit, in 2001.
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