application guidance notes - University of East Anglia


application guidance notes - University of East Anglia
Online Application Form: International
Summer School Guidance Notes
Applications to study at the University of East Anglia’s International Summer School can be made via
the online application form.
Please read these instructions fully before completing the form, including any specific instructions that
relate to the module that you are applying for.
In order to secure a place at the University, and to be considered for any scholarships that may be
available, all mandatory sections of the application form must be completed. You will be unable to
submit your application until all the mandatory fields are completed. To check which fields need to be
completed, please click on the ‘Check My Application’ link at the bottom of the left hand menu of the
If you are unsure which International Summer School modules the University offers then please view
All International Summer School Applicants
Document Upload:
Please note the following documents must be uploaded within the ‘Academic Information’ and
‘English Language’ screens for your application to be assessed and you should make sure these
documents are to hand when completing your application form:
Transcripts for the most relevant qualification you are either currently studying or have
already completed.
Degree Certificates.
English Language certificates (where appropriate).
You can upload your document in the following formats: DOC, WPD, PDF, DOCX, XLSX, RTF or
Individual upload documents must not exceed 1MB in size.
Please note original documents will be requested later in the application process.
About You:
Personal Details:
Please complete all fields.
Your Previous Applications:
If you previously studied with, or applied to, the University of East Anglia, we would be grateful if you
could supply us with your reference number. This can be found either on your campus card if you
have studied with us, or at the top of any correspondence you received if you were an applicant.
Fee Status
We need to be able to determine what level of tuition fee is relevant to you. Therefore, we need to ask
you to select a statement which most accurately describes you. From the list either select ‘You are a
European Student applying for an International Summer School Module’ or ‘You are an Overseas
Student applying for an International Summer School Module’.
Online Application Form: International
Summer School Guidance Notes
Contact Details:
Home Address
It is important to submit a postal address as well as an email address. Both of these details will be
important for registration purposes. Please let us know immediately if these details change at any
point throughout the year. You can update these at any point by going back into your application and
editing the address fields.
Contact/Agent Address
Please complete this section if you require communications to be sent to a different address to the
one that you have listed as your home.
Programme Level:
This section allows you to choose the type of student that you are. Please select ‘International
Summer School’.
International Summer School:
International Summer School Programme Details:
You are able to select up to three International Summer School modules. If your first choice module is
unavailable then we may be able to offer you a place on your second or third choice, so it is important
that you complete all relevant choices.
If you are selecting the ‘Revolutionaries, Radicals and Renegades’ or ‘Contemporary British Theatre’
modules these will both be partly delivered from London, and so a supplement is added to cover the
cost of London accommodation, social activities and academic fieldtrips. Please tick the box to
confirm you are aware of this additional charge.
If you are selecting the module ‘Reading Shakespeare’s England’ a two-night trip to Stratford-UponAvon is included. A supplement is added to cover the cost of accommodation, catering, transport and
entrance fees. Please tick the box to confirm you are aware of this additional charge.
Additional Social Programme:
A number of additional social packages are available to purchase, simply tick the box next to your
choice. Please only select one package. Full social package details can be found at
Home University Information:
Please carefully select your current home university if applicable. This will help determine your final
fee and ensure any relevant discounts are applied. Please use the ‘Look Up’ box to select your
institution and if you cannot find it on the list then please manually type the name in the ‘Other’ box.
Please leave this section blank if you are not currently enrolled at an institution.
Passport and Visa Information:
This section must be completed by all international and European students. For visa requirements it is
very important that your name submitted on the application form matches the name on your
If you have previously studied in the UK with a Tier 4 Visa, please provide us with details of the
institution and how long you were registered with them.
Online Application Form: International
Summer School Guidance Notes
Educational Representative Details
This section allows you to provide us with details of any educational agents that are representing your
application to the University of East Anglia.
If you are applying to the International Summer School directly or through your home institution
(without the use of an Educational Agent) then please select the statement ‘Student applying directly
to the University without the services of an Educational Agent’.
Academic Information:
We require a copy of your academic transcript for the period of university study you have completed
so far. If your studies were in a language other than English then your transcript should be
accompanied by a certified translation into English. If you are applying from outside the UK your
transcript should also include an explanation of the system of grades and marks used.
If you are currently still studying at an international University then please select the statement
‘graduate of an overseas Higher Education institution’ and select that you have not yet completed
your qualification.
Please upload to this screen your latest transcripts for the most relevant qualification you are either
currently studying or have completed, along with your high school or degree graduation certificates.
English Language:
To study at university level you will need to have a good command of English. If English is not your
first language we require evidence of your ability in the English Language, unless you can
demonstrate that your previous education (and examination qualifications) have been taken in a
UKBA-approved English-speaking country. For further information on UKBA approved countries,
please visit the UKBA website.
If required please upload a copy of your relevant approved English language qualification, or provide
details of when this will be taken. You can still submit an application without this certificate and it can
be forwarded at a later date.
Equal Opportunities:
Equal Opportunities:
This information will not affect the academic assessment of your application but will form a
confidential database.
Criminal Convictions:
The University requires you to state whether or not you have a criminal conviction. You do not have to
declare a conviction that is classed as spent under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act
(please consult NACRO, Citizens Advice Bureau or a solicitor if you are unsure) or for motoring
offences for which a standard fine or a maximum of three points was imposed, unless you are
applying for a programme where you would be required to undertake placements with children or
vulnerable adults. In these cases you will be required to obtain a fresh Criminal Records Bureau
Enhanced Disclosure.
Online Application Form: International
Summer School Guidance Notes
Staff or Near Relative:
If you are a member of University of East Anglia staff or are related to someone who is, you must
inform the Admissions Office dealing with your application.
The University will not unreasonably deny access to the University to any applicant on the basis of
their relationship to another member of staff or their own position as a member of staff.
Monitoring Information:
Please note that any information collected in this section is for Market Research purposes only and
does not form part of the offer making process.
Please note that by submitting the on-line declaration you are confirming that the information given on
the form is true, complete and accurate and no information requested or other material information
has been omitted.
Post-Submission Upload:
If you need to submit any further documents after you have submitted your application then this can
be uploaded in this section or emailed directly to [email protected].
Your References:
You are not required to submit a reference or referee details as part of your International Summer
School application. Please be aware that these may be requested at a later date.
Downloadable Forms:
This section is not applicable for International Summer School applicants.
Check your application:
This section lists any mandatory questions you may have missed, once these are all completed then
you can submit your application. The International Summer Schools team will contact you within two
weeks of an application being submitted.
If you have any further questions regarding your online application
form then please contact the International Summer School team at
[email protected] or by calling +44 (0) 1603 591514.

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