Climate Change Adaptation in South Korea



Climate Change Adaptation in South Korea
Susann Schäfer
Climate Change Adaptation in South Korea
Environmental Politics in the Agricultural Sector
Climate change will impact ecosystems and production processes. Thus, adaptation to
climate change has become a prevalent concept in environmental politics worldwide. In
South Korea, climate change is expected to be above the global average. As response,
the South Korean government has initiated climate change adaptation in diverse
sectors. In this book, the entire process, from formulation and development,
implementation and reaction of involved people is examined in a particular sector,
agriculture. Theoretically framed as an Actor-Network, this study highlights current
developments of South Korean politics, the tensions of urban-periphery development,
and the status of agriculture.
Susann Schäfer is research and teaching associate in the Department of Economic
Geography at the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena. Her research focus is climate and
energy politics in East Asia, mobility of knowledge, and network theories.
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Schlagworte: Climate Change, Adaptation, South Korea, Agriculture, Actor Network
Theory, Nature, Politics, Human Ecology, Environmental Policy, Environmental
Sociology, Asia, Geography
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