Série: 1ª Data: ____/ ____/ 2014. LISTA DE INGLÊS



Série: 1ª Data: ____/ ____/ 2014. LISTA DE INGLÊS
Ensino Médio – Unidade Parque Atheneu
Professor (a):
Aluno (a):
Eduardo Júnior
Série: 1ª
Data: ____/ ____/ 2014.
Tópicos de Gramática e Vocabulário abordados nos exercícios abaixo:
• Simple Past (regular verbs)
• Pessoas Pessoas famosas (personalidades)
1. Who are considered examples of heroes? Read the texts.
Answer the questions.
a) When did Aracy save people from the German soldiers?
b) Who was Aracy married to?
c) What was her job at the Brazilian Consulate in Germany?
d) How many times did Lance Armstrong win the Tour de France?
e) What did Armstrong start?
Use the verbs in parentheses in the past tense.
There are many other kinds of heroes who _______________ (help) people in extraordinary ways. For example,
Albert Sabin _______________ (be) born in Poland and _______________ (developed) the first effective polio vaccine.
Jacques Cousteau _______________
(be) a French undersea explorer and an inventor of diving devices. He
_______________ (study) ocean life and _______________ (show) the world its value and the effects of pollution.
Sue decided to go to the movies with a friend. Read and match both columns.
a) What was the name of the movie?
) It was boring.
b) Who did she go to the movies with?
) She ate popcorn.
c) What kind of movie was it?
) She went with a friend.
d) Did she eat candy or popcorn?
) The Fighting Temptations.
e) Was the movie interesting or boring?
) It was a musical.
Look at the pictures and complete the gaps. Use the past form of the verbs in parentheses.
a) Jonas ______________ soccer with his friend Joe yesterday in the park.
b) Sally ______________ her mother last night. (call)
c) Uncle Jerry ______________ my computer two hours ago to send an email. (use)
d) Last summer my family and I ______________ to Brasília by bus. (travel)
e) My brother ______________ a romantic movie yesterday. (watch)
f) I ______________ to school this morning because I missed the bus. (cycle)
Circle the correct word in parentheses to complete the text.
This is an (acrostic / limerick / anagram) poem. It uses a word written (horizontally / vertically / diagonally).The (last
/ second / first) letter of each line forms a word.
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