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História, arte e moda
Estar em Milão é respirar moda e arte em seu berço histórico. É se encantar ao caminhar por entre os paralelepípedos das ruas estreitas que
escondem luxuosas Maisons e deparar-se com a majestosa Duomo inabalável com
a profusão de lojas globais que se ergueram ao seu entorno.
Entre lojas de grifes de luxo de todo o mundo e a vanguarda do design italiano de
calçados, numa das ruas mais centrais de Milão, encontra-se o Grand Hotel Et de
Milan, em funcionamento desde 1863. Durante nossa viagem de pesquisa a Milão,
hospedamo-nos a convite do Grand Hotel no ano exato em que esse marco da
aristocracia milanesa completava 150 anos.
Claro que, desde o ano de sua inauguração até os dias de hoje, o hotel já passou por
algumas reformas, lindamente executadas e com o cuidado de preservar a essência
que traduz o local: luxo, discrição e privacidade. São características que permanecem
intactas até hoje e que atraíram hóspedes famosos ao longo de sua história, tais como
Dom Pedro II e a Imperatriz Teresa Cristina em 1988; o escritor Ernest Hemingway
na década de 1920; a diva Maria Callas em meados de 1950 e o bailarino Rudolf
Nureyev, nos anos 1980.
O hotel possui cerca de 200 suítes decoradas com requinte minucioso, fiel ao mobiliário de época e amplos banheiros revestidos em mármore nobre. Em cada quarto,
tradição, conforto e tecnologia se mesclam oferecendo uma estadia perfeita.
A suíte 105 hospedou o ilustre compositor Giuseppe Verdi, que decidiu mudar-se
para o Grand Hotel em 1872, residindo lá até sua morte, em 1901.
Nos anos 1970, o “Milan” como era chamado, tornou-se o ponto de encontro dos
fashionistas da época. Fotógrafos, modelos, designers, artistas e it-girls circulavam
por lá transformando o local em cenário badalado para sessões de fotos e desfiles
de moda. Durante a fashion week, o Milan era reduto de novos talentos e jovens
designers, que usavam o hotel para realizarem seus showrooms. O primeiro desfile
do mestre Gianfranco Ferre foi realizado nos salões do hotel, ocasião que colocou
o Milan oficialmente no mundo da alta moda.
Além dos atrativos estéticos, da história fascinante e do impecável serviço hoteleiro,
o hotel conta com o restaurante e bar Caruso, que proporciona um espaço diferenciado para degustar a boa gastronomia milanesa e brindar à vida em meio a um
ambiente de atmosfera retrô chic, com lustres de Murano datados de 1920. Desde o
sofisticado buffet de café da manhã ao drink que encerra o jantar, o Milan confirma
a excelência em bem servir e perpetua as características que o fizeram famoso.
Grand Hotel et de Milann | Via Manzoni, 29 20121 Milano Itali
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on the other hand, has made exclusive pieces for the drummer, as well as
recharge our inspiration and write about it here, as a way to relive
as Dom Pedro II and Empress Teresa Cristina in 1988, writer Ernest
outfits for events and award shows. Lindsay’s long, blond hair and Julie’s
these special moments.
Hemingway in the 1920’s, Maria Callas in the mid 1950’s and dancer
red locks are the cherry on the cake when it comes to the Deap Vally look.
Assembled over the impeccably white marble stand, the dark green
Art is all around you as soon as you step in the reception area, with
the dramatically red curtains just like in the grand stages of the sur-
With the release of Sistrionix, the band’s first LP, the girls are no longer
bottles catch your eye instantly. Each label contains the signature of
The hotel has 200 refined suites with meticulous décor, true to the
an opening act, but on their way to make the headlines. Each album track
the legendary Maison Hermès. That is right, the toiletry kit of the suite
period furniture and spacious marble bathrooms. In each room, tra-
seems to be a scream for freedom – be it from dirtbag boyfriends, like in
is furnished by the brand. This is a sure sign we are in Paris!
dition, comfort and technology blend together to offer a perfect stay.
The Villa Madame is set at Saint Germain des Prés, a district famous for
Suite 105 was home to the renowned composer Giuseppe Verdi, who
with exclusive patterning, delicate details and furniture that can suit
its antique shops, trendy cafes, luxury boutiques and art bookstores.
decided to move to the Grand Hotel in 1872, residing there until his
a modern-day princess. All of this is well equipped with Wi-Fi and
The message extends from the songs when the girls share their everyday
With an intimate feel to it and modern design, it is a haven amidst
death in 1901.
top-notch gadgets.
life on the road with their fans through the Deap Vally Instagram account.
the Parisian bustle.
In the 1970’s, the “Milan” as it was called, became the meeting point
The same staircase can lead you to Tiffany’s Library and to the Honesty
A homey sensation comes to you as soon as you cross the glass doors
for the fashionistas of that time. Photographers, models, designers,
Bar. These are cozy rooms that are vastly decorated to make the guest
that separate the hotel from the sidewalk. All of the rooms make the
artists and it-girls were there to turn the hotel into a trendy spot for
feel at home. The Honesty Bar is quite unique. You will not find a
guest feel warm, like in the delicious reading room or the secret, serene
photo shoots and runway shows. During fashion week, Milan was the
waiter, tables or chairs there. It is a small, gourmet kitchen stocked with
By observing the girls’ lifestyle, it is clear that their songs are the soundtra-
garden, where the only noise heard is from the birds that occasionally
hot spot for new talent and young designers, who used the hotel as
ice cream, champagne, wine, juices, fresh fruit, original teas, chocolate
ck of their lives. Let your voice out and come join the Deap Vally legion.
show up.
their showrooms. Gianfranco Ferre’s first show was held in the hotel
and all kinds of appliances. It is a self-service bar that is open 24 hours
ballrooms, which officially placed the city in the world of high fashion.
a day and is impeccably organized. Just help yourself to whatever you
Creeplike, or unnecessary judgement, like in End of the World and Walk
of Shame. Lindsay and Julie invite each listener to be authentic and loose.
Trips to the historic centers of quaint, European towns, delicious desserts
and fashion discoveries are all registered by the two band members. Over
8000 followers keep up with Lindsay and Julie’s adventures.
The hotel features 28 charming exclusive suites, equipped with an
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Rudolf Nureyev in the 1980’s.
have come out of a Harry Potter novel was the Covent Garden Hotel.
The sound of silence
espresso machine, tea, contemporary art objects and beautiful books.
We were invited to stay at the Villa Madame for two long days of
research. The delicious breakfast, served carefully before we hit the
streets, and our moments of peace at nightfall in the secret garden, will
From Iceland to the world, get to know 2014’s big promise in music.
forever be remembered as a particular side of Paris within the big city.
At just 21 years of age, the Icelandic singer Ásgeir Trausti launched his
first studio album in 2012, titled Dýrð í dauðaþögn (loosely translated to
Villa Madame
“glory in the silence of death”). With melancholic songs and unique poe-
44 Rue Madame, 75006 Paris
try, most of the lyrics were written by his 72 year old father, but dialogues
with listeners of all ages. Ásgeir’s fans identify with the songs so much
[email protected]
his debut LP became the bestselling album in the country by a native
artist, where one in every ten people in the population of Iceland has a
copy. The recognition was confirmed last year with the indications for the
Icelandic Music Awards, which aims to promote local artists and bands.
The success was such that singer-songwriter John Grant translated Ásgeir
compositions. In the Silence, the English version of his album, was released globally in early 2014, becoming the best-selling download in iTunes’
alternative rock category in three countries (England, France and Italy)
on the first day. Prepare to hear his name a lot – we have and we love it.
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Grand Hotel et de Milan
History, art and fashion
To be in Milan is to breathe fashion and art in their historic birthplace.
It is amazing to walk through the cobbled narrow streets that hide
luxurious Maisons and to come face to face with the majestic Duomo,
which remains unshaken by the profusion of global stores that arose
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in its surroundings.
Villa Madame and its
Parisian charm
Among the luxury brands from around the world and Italy’s avant-
In September 2013, our team was invited to stay at three select hotels,
one in each European fashion capital: Paris, Milan and London.
The delicious experience just confirmed what we already know – that
we love to travel to the old continent, find new hidden treasures,
-garde shoe design, one can find the Grand Hotel et de Milan, which
Besides its aesthetic appeal, fascinating history and impeccable hotel
service, the Caruso bar and restaurant is available for guests, a unique
Once you go up a small, but just as imposing staircase, the guests come
across the most charming and sophisticated suites. There are 58 in all,
want, mark whatever you took on a clipboard and settle your bill at
check out. That is the Honesty Bar, just as the name suggests.
place for those hoping to taste delicious Milanese cuisine and toast to
Another area we must highlight in Covent Garden Hotel is the res-
life in a retro-chic atmosphere, with Murano chandeliers dating back
taurant, Brasserie Max. It is the ideal place for delicious breakfast or
to 1920. From the sophisticated breakfast buffet to a drink with dinner,
an elegant, traditional afternoon tea. In addition, of course, to the
the Milan offers excellent service and perpetuates the characteristics
haute cuisine served at lunch and dinner. The restaurant is trendy in
that have made it so renowned.
the region and also takes reservations, especially for the afternoon tea.
Our stay at this hotel was a unique experience, in the heart of the
Grand Hotel et de Milan
Covent Garden, just a few blocks from the National Gallery and the
Via Manzoni, 29 20121 Milano Italia
Royal Opera House, which is surrounded by over 21 theaters and
[email protected] |
endless small streets waiting to be explored.
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10 Monmouth Street
London WC2H 9HB
The Covent Garden Hotel,
where you can feel like a
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princess in the land of the
new faces
[email protected]
It is impossible to plan a fashion research trip without including the
land of the queen. And we are not just referring to Elisabeth II, but
especially to Vivienne Westwood, our eternal punk queen.
has been running in one of Milan’s central streets since863. During
Coming from the most traditional stores, like Harrods, crossing over
our research trip to the city, we were invited to stay there on the 150th
to the bustle of Oxford Street, up until the hidden treasures in the
anniversary of this symbol of the Milanese aristocracy.
picturesque shops in Notting Hill and Bond Street, London is a must
Naturally, since the year of its opening until today, the hotel has
rounding theaters.
for fashionistas who seek an avant-garde edge.
gone through renovations, implemented with care to preserve its
The hotel that hosted Catarina’s team in the land of the queen could
essence: luxury, discretion and privacy. These features, which remain
not have been more appropriate. In the heart of the art district, be-
intact, are what attracted famous guests throughout its history, such
tween the Covent Garden and Soho, on a small street that seems to
Brazil lives up to its reputation of “manufacturing models” by presenting new beauties every season. Get to know the new faces that will
dominate fashion worldwide in 2014.
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